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The revolutionary new sport of Hanetball360™ is the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur and inventor Fritz Jr. Valdeus while living in South Florida. Hanetball360™ borrows from many popular sports to create an entertaining event that is accessible to people of all ages yet Hanetball360™ is a minimal contact, low impact team sport that is played differently than any other game because teams are able to score and must defend 360º.

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Hanetball360™ was first played in 1998 by a group of grass roots players. Official play began when pilot programs were implemented in select South Florida public schools and recreation centers. Today international leagues have been established in Haiti, Cuba and Canada to help grow the sport and to seed interest in Hanetball360™ in around the world.

History of Hanetball360
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The Basics of Playing

Officially, Hanetball360™ is played by two teams of seven players, including the Grundmeeter™. Official Hanetball360™ games are divided into 4 – 13 minute periods called “rounds”. The game can be played on any hard, smooth, flat surface. The field of play is called a Hanetball360™ Arena that measures 157’-2” long and 70’ wide. The object of the game is to score points by “grunding” the Hanetball360™ inside opponent’s Grundnet™. Scoring is achieved by a player “grounding” the specially designed Hanetball360™ inside the opposing team’s Grundnet™.

The Grundnet is a 48” tall octagonal pen with a diameter of 12’. Stationed inside each Grundnet is a defender called an “Grundmeeter”. It is the job of the “Grundmeeter to prevent the Hanetball360™ from being “grounded” (thrown to the ground inside the Grundnet) by an opposing team’s player. The Grundmeeter™ can block or catch the Hanetball360™ to prevent it from being “grounded” or scored by an opposing player. Grundmeeter™ is the only player allowed to catch the ball, while their feet are in contact with the Arena surface, before it comes in contact with playing surface.

Players advance the Hanetball360™ up and down the Hanetball360™ Arena using bounce passes only. The Grundmeeter™ is only player allowed to catch the ball before it comes in contact with the floor. Players may take no more than 4 steps or maintain possession of the Hanetball360™ for more than 5 seconds before attempting to “ground” or bounce pass the Hanetball360™ to another player. Opposing players attempt to intercept passes and block grounding attempts.

Official Rules can be read or downloaded on the Official Rules Page
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Human Beings Are Designed to Move yet increasingly in today’s wired society children spend far more time inside playing video games and on social media than they do exercising.

Since the 1976–1980 NHANES survey, overall childhood obesity rates have more than tripled, up from 5.5%. Among 2- to 5-year-olds, the rate more than doubled, from 5% to 13.9%, as did the rate of 6- to 11-year-olds with obesity, from 6.5% to 18.4%. Among teens ages 12 to 19, the rate quadrupled, from 5% to 20.6%.

Why Hanetball360

Why Hanetball360™
So Beneficial?

Competitive Hanetball360™ requires players to move in intense, short bursts of full body movement. This movement builds cardiovascular health, exercises fast twitch muscle groups and helps maintain a healthy weight. Research shows short bursts of intense full body activity burns far more calories than other forms of exercise and that is just part of the story. It is the basis of “High-Intensity Interval Training”. This type of activity boosts your body’s metabolism for days after the event, therefore burning calories even while at rest. At the same time the ease of scoring and passing makes it exciting for everyone because everyone can participate and contribute to the team. Hanetball360™ is not just for the athletically gifted…Hanetball360™ is for…EVERYONE!

While the physical health benefits are undeniable it is perhaps the revolutionary concept of Quantum360 Thinking™ that will ultimately be the greatest benefit to society. There are no limits to the possibility of scoring because in Hanetball360™ players can score in a 360º radius of the Penaim™. Not only do offensive player need to think in a non-linear fashion but so do the defensive players. Players must constantly be thinking 360º. This type of thinking leads to an “out of the box” thought process and opens players’ minds to infinite possibilities.