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“The revolutionary new sport of the 21st century”.

HanetBall is played competitively in the United States, Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

Since Hanetball360 is a low impact sport with minimal contact, it does not require body mass or stature to participate. It does not require specialized skills that are beyond those of the average person…Everyone can play!

Hanetball360 is the fastest growing, most exciting team ballgame on the planet and is unlike any other game ever played.

Hanetball360 °builds cardiovascular health and helps maintain a healthy weight. Research shows short bursts of intense full body activity burns far more calories than other forms of exercise., but that is just part of the story.

Hanetball360 ° utilizes high-intensity interval training (HIT) to boost a body’s metabolism which then burns calories even during rest…Even days after playing the game.

A brief history of Hanetball360

Hanetball360 , “the revolutionary game of 21 st  century”, was invented in Lake Worth, Florida in 1998 and the first organized game played in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Hanetball360, incorporates a revolutionary new of thinking called “QuantumThinking360”TM and it changes everything!

Global expansion began in Cuba when the games inventor introduced the game there in June 2017 where he established the very first international team.  Today Team Cuba is strong and ready to take on the world at the first opportunity.

The Dominican Republic was the second country added in February 2018 to the Hanetball360 international roster. The city of Manzanillo is the host city and home of the Dominican Republic’s team.

The third country to play Hanetball360 was Haiti.  Introduced there in March 2018 Hanetball360 soon became a beacon of hope for the people of Haiti in the midst of the chaos and despair. Player’s there, by focusing their attention on this new sport, were able to replace fear with the pure joy that comes from playing “The revolutionary new sport of the 21st  century”, Hanetball360.


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